How do I download things to use offline? Belong

How do I download things to use offline?

Downloading things to use offline

Going off the grid? Got an nbn outage coming up? If you’re about to lose internet for a bit, you can keep the media you need on hand by downloading what you need ahead of time.
We’ve put together a handy list of services that let you download content for offline use – to get your through those internet withdrawals.


Heading out of range? Pre-download maps of the area for offline navigational mastery. (Unless you actually enjoy asking for directions.)
Google Maps

Streaming services

Need your TV show fix? All these services give you ways to download and watch offline.

Amazon Prime
Youtube Premium


Don’t get stuck with those two Ed Sheeran CDs in your Airbnb – download your playlists ahead of time.

Amazon Music
Apple Music
Tidal on Android
Tidal on iPhone
YouTube Music

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