Why was my tech appointment rescheduled? Belong

Why was my tech appointment rescheduled?

There are a number of reasons why your nbn technician appointment may have been rescheduled: 
  • Your availability has changed and you’ve requested a new appointment date    
  • The technician is unexpectedly unavailable and has had to reschedule your appointment
  • Weather events in your local area prevented the technician from completing the work
  • The connection of your nbn service is more complex than a standard installation, so additional technician work is required before your service can be connected  
If any of these scenarios apply to you, we’ll reschedule and book the earliest appointment available with nbn co. The next available appointment is dependent on technician availability in your local area.
Remember - either you or somebody else over the age of 18 (who is authorised to act on your behalf) has to be home for the duration of the installation appointment. 

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