If I sign up now will my service be activated by the time I move? Belong

Will my service be activated by the time I move in if I sign up now?

Depending on when you move into your new home, we will always need to do some sort on work in order to activate your service. The work required depends on the technology you're connecting to and whether we need to organise a technician to do work at your address.


  • For addresses that have been connected previously, we can usually get you up and running within the week.
  • For addresses where an nbn technician is required your appointment is based on the availability of technicians in your area. We will arrange the first available appointment, unless you request a later one.
  • If we find the previous occupants have not disconnected their service, we'll need some paperwork from you so we can work with nbn co to connect your service. Once the paperwork's received and verified, you should be connected within 10 business days.

Everything else

  • Tell us early: If you're able to give us a few weeks' notice, we should be able to connect you on, or very close to, your move in date.
  • Your modem: You should be able to use your existing modem at your new address but how you connect it might change. If you need an extra cable we can supply it when you request your move, and you will need to wait for it to be delivered before you can get connected.
  • Technicians: Sometimes when your technician attempts to connect your service they might discover that the job will require more work than expected and they may not be able to complete all the work on the day. Sometimes technicians can’t make it to your premises on the agreed day due to weather conditions or other unforeseen events. If this happens, we'll keep you updated as we work with the technicians to complete your connection.
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