Can I sign up for a new service before I move into a new place? Belong

Can I sign up for a service before I move into a new place?

When should I let you know I’m moving?

You can let us know at any time even if you’re not living at your new place just yet and we’ll start processing your move.

However, you won’t be connected until your move-in date, and if no additional work is required, you can expect to be online within 2 to 7 business days after your move-in date.

When will I be connected?

It depends on your address, and what work we need to perform to get you connected.

Some addresses require more work than others. If your connection requires an appointment, we’ll book this in for the earliest date after your move-in date.

Once you’ve started the moving my internet service, can I change my move in date?

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to make changes to these dates as the transfer is already in progress.

Will I get a new modem?

We ask that you take your existing modem with you, but please leave any additional nbn™ equipment.

We’ll supply you with any additional equipment you need to get connected at your new place, depending on the address.

You can expect it 2-5 business days from your move-in date, so make sure you update your shipping address.

As soon as you’ve moved in, feel free to plug in and power up your equipment.

See Moving Home for more information
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