How do I cancel my internet service? Belong

How do I cancel my internet service?

We'd love to keep you with us!  Perhaps a different plan could suit your needs?

To cancel your service, submit a request here.  We can look at your disconnection options, make sure you're getting all the benefits available from your Belong service or address any problems you may have with your service. If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be directed to sign in to your Belong account before proceeding.

If you're moving, check out Moving Home instead.

If you've selected to change to another provider then you may have been offered a rapid transfer. This is a process where the new provider will organise the changeover, including cancellation of the existing service.

We still suggest you contact us to confirm:

  • How much you owe if you're on a payment plan for your modem 

  • Invoicing has ceased (in the case of a rapid transfer)

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