What is the difference between ADSL2+ and ADSL? Belong

What is the difference between ADSL2+ and ADSL?

ADSL and ADSL2+ deliver broadband to your home using a copper phone line. The key difference between these two services is the maximum speed each type offers. 
The availability of ADSL or ADSL2+ is dependent on the infrastructure that exists in your local area.  We will let you know during signup what connection is available, but where possible, we will always attempt to provide you with an ADSL2+ service. If you are on an ADSL connection and ADSL2+ becomes available, we can upgrade you at no cost.

Actual speeds experienced will vary based on a number of factors including the length of copper cable used to connect your address, internet traffic in your neighbourhood, the quality of your telephone line, the websites you are connecting to or downloading from, and the manner in which you are connecting to your Belong modem (i.e. through Wi-Fi).
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