Do I need a phone line to get Belong ADSL Broadband? Belong

Do I need a phone line to get Belong ADSL Broadband?

Yes. To use a Belong ADSL Broadband service, you need a phone line on the Telstra network. If you don’t have a phone line on the Telstra Network (or don’t have a phone service at all), you can sign up to the Belong ADSL Bundle which includes a limited phone service.
What does your phone line activation fee cover?
Your activation fee will cover the connection of your Belong service including all telephone wiring to the first socket at your home regardless of whether you are in a house or apartment. The term first socket refers to the first socket installed at your property.
What is not included?

  • Additional sockets: If you have other phone sockets in your house that are not working, or you would like new phone sockets installed in a more convenient location, you will need to engage a licensed technician. You can find one in your area by completing an internet search e.g.  “licensed telecommunications technician Melbourne”.
  • Trenching: If a new phone line is required, there may be additional costs if any trenching is required. A Telstra technician will assess what work needs to be done and you will be given the choice of having the trenching completed through Telstra or you can arrange to have it done by a third party. If you would like Telstra technicians to undertake the trenching for you, we will organise an appointment for a contractor to be at your home within 2-3 weeks.
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