Can I sign up for a service before I move in to a new place? Belong

Can I sign up for a service before I move into a new place?

You can sign up even if you are not already living at your new address.
We’ll ask you for your future move in date so we can get you connected quickly after you’ve moved in as the new householder.
You should receive your modem within 2-5 business days after your move in date. If you already have the nbn installed you should be able to set up your modem and use your service within five minutes, but in some cases we may need to do extra background work, which can take up to five days. 

If you have an appointment to install the nbn, your service should be activated between 8-23 business days after your move in date. This depends on what work is required to have your phone line set up. 
If you would like to sign up for Belong Broadband on the nbn network, please wait until you move in to your new place as we start working on the dispatch of your modem and activation of your service after you submit your order. This means your modem could be delivered and your service activated before you move in. You could also be charged for a service you haven’t used.

See Moving Home for more information
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