What calls can I make with a limited phone service? Belong

What calls can I make with a limited phone service?

As part of your bundle you'll receive a limited phone service.

A limited phone service will allow you to:

  • Receive incoming calls; and
  • Make unlimited local calls, (Local calls are calls made within your local area, generally up to approx. 35klms, some exclusions apply)
  • Calls to 13, 1300, 1800 and 000 numbers.

You won't be able to use the limited phone service to make other types of calls besides those included in your bundle, such as:

  • Interstate calls;
  • Calls to mobile numbers;
  • Calls to premium services;
  • Calls to overseas numbers; or
  • Calls to satellite phones.

What if I want to make interstate, international calls, or calls to mobile from a limited phone service?

The limited phone service which comes with a Belong ADSL Bundle doesn't allow for interstate, or international calls or calls to mobile numbers. If you want to make these calls, you can sign up to the Belong Voice App.

Belong Voice is a calling app that allows you to make and receive calls anytime you’re connected to broadband.

Belong Voice offers:

  • Unlimited call options for standard national (including  local, interstate, 13/1300 and mobile) or international calls to landline and mobile in 10 countries - from $10 per month
  • A new Australian phone number to make and receive calls
  • An app to share across 3 mobile devices and use anywhere you have broadband access
  • A Voicemail service so you never miss a call.
Note if you choose Belong Voice App with your limited phone service on an ADSL Bundle, you'll have two phone numbers:
  • One for your limited phone service (calling using a home phone handset connected to your phone socket) – includes calls to local, 13/1300, 1800 numbers
  • One for your Belong Voice app (calling using mobile devices over broadband) – includes local, 13/1300, 1800, interstate and calls to mobile and/or international calls, depending on which calling option you choose.
You can add Belong Voice by signing into your account, select ‘Service Details’ and follow the instructions.
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