How do I change my NBN batteries? Belong

How do I change my NBN batteries?

If your NBN Connection Box is powered by a power supply and battery backup unit you may be required to change the batteries. 

The alarm in your power supply and battery backup unit will beep if the battery is running low on power and needs replacing. The beeping noise becomes more frequent as the battery drops down to a critically low level.
You need to purchase a new battery of identical type and rating to the original. The battery you need is a 12V/7Ah (or 7.2Ah) AGM sealed lead acid battery (6 Cells) with a 5+ year design life and flame retardant case, which can be bought at most specialist battery retailers. Typical battery dimensions are 94 x 151 x 65mm.
For instructions on how to replace your NBN batteries, check out the battery replacement YouTube video on the NBN Co website
Please note in the event of a power outage, the NBN battery won’t support your Belong Broadband on the NBN service, it only supports telephone services using the voice port on the NBN connection box. 
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