Why do I need an nbn co installation appointment? Belong

Why do I need an nbn co installation appointment?

To set you up with Belong on the nbn network, you'll need to live in an nbn network ready area. Depending on how you connect to the nbn network, an installation appointment may be required, where an nbn co technician will install the equipment inside your home.

If you are connected to the nbn network via Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC), once nbn co completes the installation of the nbn connection box, we can then get your Belong service activated.
We'll send you an SMS confirming your service is ready to use between 2-7 business days following the nbn co installation.

Regardless of which service provider you choose for your nbn service, you will still need an appointment with nbn co to install an nbn connection box (if you don’t already have one installed), prior to setting up your nbn service.
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