ADSL Connection Issues Belong

ADSL Connection Issues

If you’re experiencing connection or speed issues, try:
  1. Turning your modem off for 15 minutes to allow connection to re-establish with the network, then turning it back on again
  2. Turning off the computer or device you are connecting with then turning it back on again at the same time as rebooting the modem
  3. Closing your internet browser entirely and opening a new one (sometimes the program you accessing the internet with can encounter an error)
  4. (If you are using Wi-Fi) Disconnecting from the network and then reconnecting (this will re-establish your connection to the modem)
Activities such as downloading large files, updating software or backing up photos will impact the internet speed for everybody in your house. An easy way to check if any device is impacting speed is to disconnect each device from your home network (one by one) and see whether the Wi-Fi improves. You can also run a speed test.
If you’ve used all of your monthly data allowance, your connection speed will automatically be slowed.

You can check your data usage by logging into your account 
or via the Belong app. 
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