How long will it take to connect my Belong ADSL service? Belong

How long will it take to connect my Belong ADSL service?

There are a few things that need to happen after your order’s confirmed, before we can connect your service.

  1. Your modem’s delivered – this usually takes 2-5 business days.
  2. Infrastructure needs to be connected for activation - sometimes you’ll need a technician to help with this. The time this takes depends on what you’re doing. We’ll give you a specific connection date once your order is confirmed, but general time frames are below:
Service TypeWhat you’re doingHow long it usually takes
ADSL BroadbandMoving an ADSL service from another provider to Belong2-7 business days
 Setting up a new ADSL service with Belong2-7 business days
ADSL BundleMoving your phone service from another provider on the Telstra network to Belong2-7 business days
 Moving your phone service from another provider not on the Telstra network to Belong8-23 business days
 Setting up a new a new connection and phone line (technician needed)*8-23 business days
  1. Once the set-up is complete at your place we need to process your order at our end to complete your activation. This usually takes 1-2 days.
  2. We’ll send you an SMS confirming your service is active – this is when you can begin working through the steps in the quick set-up guide that comes with your modem. Please don’t start until you’ve received the SMS! If you plug the modem in before we confirm your service is active, it could delete the settings that we’ve pre-configured.

You can find out how your order’s tracking at any time in the Track Order section of your account.
Please note these are average timeframes only. We may be able to get you online sooner or your order may take a little longer than anticipated. Rest assured we’re working on activating your service as soon as possible - there’s no need to call us to activate your service within these timeframes.

* If you need a new phone line installed, there may be extra costs in addition to an activation fee if ‘trenching’ or a lead-in is required at your home. Please see the Belong ADSL webpage for more information about pricing and fees. For more details about new line installations see: Do I need a phone line to get Belong ADSL Broadband? If you’ve signed up for a Belong ADSL Bundle, your limited phone service will be active before your broadband service.

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