What's included in the Belong ADSL Bundles? Belong

What's included in the Belong ADSL Bundles?

The Belong ADSL Bundle includes ADSL broadband and a limited phone service.

Belong ADSL Broadband


  • Our Regular Bundle gives you 100GB of data per month and the Large Bundle gives you Unlimited data per month
  • You can upgrade from the Regular ADSL Broadband service to the Unlimited Broadband service
  • Use it whenever you want, no peak or off-peak periods
  • There's no extra usage charges at Belong.  What you sign up for is what you get.  If you go over your data allowance your service will simply slow down to 256kbps until your next invoicing month starts

Limited phone service
Our Belong ADSL Bundles come with a limited phone service, which includes line rental and allows you to receive incoming calls and make unlimited local calls. You can also make calls to 13, 1300, 1800 and 000 numbers.  You will not be able to use your limited phone service to make interstate, international calls or calls to mobile. 

If you're interested in a voice service, check out our great Belong mobile offers with national and international calls & text add-ons.

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